Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snorkeling at Laguna Beach

A week after stomping through the snow on San Gorgonio, we were on the beach at Laguna, taking advantage of Webb's location so close to both. Mr. Lawrence was our fearless leader and specimen finder, identifying everything from kelp snails to coweries (courtesy of Harrison) and urchins to lobsters. The water was a bit cold (57 degrees!) but that didn't phase this group of novice snorkelers. Even though it was the first time for five of the six students, they dove right in, and immediately started diving to the bottom in their best imitation of Mr. Lawrence.

Mr. Lawrence searches the bottom for exotic specimens...

...and immediately comes up with a sea urchin, which Landen is holding.

Joe searches for his own, among a rainbow of fins.

Harrison found an urchin that wasn't quite ready to let go.

Sardines anyone?

Mr. Lawrence holds a crab he found in a tidepool.

Landen, Cole, Camille, Harrison, Joe, and Juliana get ready for a pizookie at BJ's.

Camille and Juliana celebrate another successful outdoor trip.

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