Monday, March 7, 2011

Cruising at Huntington Beach

The boardwalk turns out to be a great spectator sight, hence the rise in popularity of "cruiser" bikes -- bikes with thick tires made for leisurely rolling along the beachfront. The stability of these bikes allows the rider to gawk at the outlandish sights along famed beaches such as Venice Beach and, this past weekend, Huntington Beach, without falling off in amazement. Whether watching street performers juggling, or stopping to contemplate a tattoo, beach cruising has become the latest activity of choice. This past weekend, Mr. Caldwell took seven students to enter the fray.

Ali, Daniel, Brandon, Terence, Tina, Sidney, and Vinson before their trip

Whether along the sand...

...or by the road...

...these beach bums had a great trip, and of course stopped for the requisite dip in the ocean to wrap it all up.

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