Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rafting the Grand Canyon

Before we arrived at the Grand Canyon, we headed north to Page, Arizona, where we boarded river rafts on a trip down to Lee's Ferry. Lee's Ferry sees off several tours of the Grand Canyon every day, sending out thousands a year, each of them taking anywhere from two days to two weeks to float down the Colorado. Our tour of the Grand Canyon would of course be on foot, but beforehand, we took a three-hour tour (cue Gilligan) down the upper reaches of the Colorado, before it enters the Grand part of the Canyon. The walls were still plenty high, and even housed some ancient petroglyphs. But the highlight of the trip for most of us was the water fight that broke out near the end, as each of the three river guides jockeyed for position so that their boat could soak the others and then get away. At some point, someone was complaining about getting wet, and proclaimed, "Can't we all just get along?" Sean then replied with my favorite quote of the whole trip: "We were arbitrarily separated into three boats. Of course we can't get along." In my mind, that pretty much sums up the history of human warfare.

The Axis Powers

The Evil Empire. This river guide illegally used his motor to get other boats wet. Not that I'm bitter.


Mr. Purvis, aboard the Evil Empire, before things got evil. At least he's using a bucket.

The Axis powers retaliate.

We liked to call ourselves Switzerland. Until we were attacked by the Evil Empire, at which point our river guide miraculously produced a bucket that he had previously denied existence of. With Tyler in charge, we unequivocally achieved revenge. Until the illegal motor incident. Not that I'm bitter.

After the trip, several of the boys climbed a nearby overlook while waiting for the bus.

Bailey and Cameron stare off into the Canyon, contemplating the next day's hike. It becomes Grand right around the corner.

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