Monday, October 15, 2012

Backpacking San Gorgonio

Finally!  After two years of attempted climbs of San Gorgonio, we made it to the peak!  Two years ago, we made it to around 10,000 feet before we were stymied by several inches of hard-packed ice.  Last year, we we thwarted by a fresh snow storm and closed trail head.  But this year, all the fates aligned and a determined group of Webb hikers made it to the highest peak for hundreds of miles.  San Gorgonio is the most difficult of the three peaks in the 10,000 Foot Club, and not just because it's the highest.  It's also the longest, steepest hike and involves an overnight stay at 9,200 feet. But all went smoothly for us this year, and we were treated to fantastic visibility from the peak, as we were able to see the adjacent San Jacinto and even Mt. Baldy, about 50 miles away.

Three students in particular deserve congratulations, as they became the charter members of Webb's 10,000 Foot Club.  Terence, David and Alan have now hiked all three peaks over 10,000 feet: Mt. Baldy (10,064'), San Jacinto (10,834'), and San Gorgonio (11,503'). Congratulations to them for their persistent efforts.  We arrived home on Sunday sore but happy.

 On the first day, we hiked steeply out of the valley, gaining 2,000 feet in the first 2.5 miles. Shaun, Vicente, Mr. Dahlstrom, Terence, Alan, and David take a short break at this overlook.

 Terence and Vicente at the entrance to the Wilderness Area

 David in a tree that's much older than any of us, and probably older than Webb itself.

 Sunset from High Creek was spectacular.

 As was sunrise at about 10,000 feet.

 We left our packs at camp and hiked the last few miles with just our bodies to carry.

 This outlook down to the valley below is about a half mile from the peak.

 San Gorgonio -- 11,503'

 And the first Webb students ever to join the 10,000 Foot Club.  Congratulations to David, Alan, and Terence, who received commemorative medals at the peak.

 Crossing the barren landscape on the way down.  Tree line is around 10,000 feet, so we had only low lying shrubs for company at the top.

 By the end of the day, we'd be back in the distant valley below.

Everyone pauses one more time to enjoy the scenery on the way down.

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