Monday, November 5, 2012

Trail Stewardship on Mt. Baldy

A van load of Webb students traveled up to Mt. Baldy village on Sunday, where we worked on the Bear Flats Trail, which runs all the way to the peak.  We expanded trail and curbed erosion on a good mile of the trail, though there's still much work to do.  The Webb Schools works with the U.S. Forest Service on this section of trail, and has officially adopted it as our own.  It's a great way for students to give back to the mountains that give us so much. 

 The group works on expanding this section of trail, which has severely eroded on the downhill side.

 Anita carries stones for a retaining wall.

 Yoon and James sort some of the stones.

 Shaun and Cathy.

 Yoon, James, Cathy and Alan proudly showing off their work.

 In addition to the reward of a job well done, Johnny, Michelle, Alan, Cathy, Yoon, Anita, James and Shaun got to enjoy great views down into the valley.

 Alan trimming some thorny branches.

 Johnny and Shaun set a line for some widened trail.

 Michelle and Alan

 Cathy and Anita.

The crew celebrates with Smokey at the end of our day.  Then we went to the Mt. Baldy Village diner for some nachos and iced tea.

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