Monday, September 16, 2013

Hiking San Jacinto

Although we didn't plan to be there for the occasion, the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway celebrated its 50th birthday on Saturday.  The free cupcakes we received at the top of the tram were just one of many unexpected surprises we had on our journey this past weekend.  Another: all 15 Webbies who went on the trip made the peak. A hearty group of hikers forged over rock and trail to a celebration at the peak involving salami, cheese, crackers, and even a brief meditation.  And despite a couple of altitude-induced headaches, this crew was defined by its happiness and spirit.  It had me wondering why we don't do this every weekend. Hmmm...

Free cupcakes set the tone for what would be a day-long picnic.

 The Wellman Divide, which connects the Palm Springs side of Jacinto to the Idyllwild side, was our spot for lunch and grand views.

 If you haven't heard, Dolly gets along pretty well with granite.

 Mr. Owers, Andrew, Alan, Adrian, Dolly, Danielle, David, Lauren, Robin, Bulat, Alvin, Lucas, Kristen, and Susan at the peak of San Jacinto, elevation 10,804'.

Kristen and Lauren (and Dolly).
 Bulat.  Of course.

 Lucas, levitating

 Did I mention this group was characterized by its happiness?

 Finally, picking our way down the boulders strewn around the peak.

 Susan, Danielle, Alvin, Alan, and David pose for a junior class picture.  Some among them were talking about a "20,000 Foot Club," which they plan to join by hiking all three 10,000 foot peaks TWICE.

The last of our pleasant surprises on the day was this deer we saw on the way down.  Thanks everyone for a fantastic trip!

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