Monday, November 11, 2013

Hiking at Idyllwild

There is a certain group of seniors this year that has taken to hiking trips.  Eight of them traveled to Idyllwild this past Saturday for a hike to Suicide Rock.  Luckily, the destination refers to the steep drops all around and not to the group's mood.  On the contrary, this was another great trip -- clean mountain air, perfect temperatures, and long views.  Thanks to Dr. Farke and Mr. Shin for leading the trip, and to Devin for some of the these pictures.

 Devin, Kristen, Dolly, Jeainny (front), James, Kathy, Suyeon and Melissa (back).

 Near the overlook to Tahquitz Peak

 The manzanita trees near Idyllwild form vivid groves along the trail.
 The group on one of the many rocks that form the Suicide Rock overlook

Suyeon stretching her wings

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