Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sea Kayaking at Laguna

For the first outdoor trip of the year, a group of seven students went sea kayaking with Mr. Potash in Laguna Beach. With the help of La Vida Laguna, a local outfitter, we got a quick lesson in kayaking and then headed out on a foggy day, which the guide said was the foggiest of the summer so far. Even 200 feet out, the shore wasn't visible, lending a surreal quality to the trip, and increasing the sense of isolation in the ocean. The first stop was sea lion rock, where we observed scores of sea lions resting on a rock island. After a quick dip, we paddled to large kelp fields that were planted a few years ago, now that the water in Laguna Beach is healthy again. According to the guide, kelp is the fastest growing plant in the world, and can grow up to two feet a day. Hiding beneath were garibaldi, California's orange state fish; brine shrimp, which floated up into our kayaks occasionally; and even a family of seals that followed the kayaks, skirting beneath and between us. As soon as we got out of the water, the sun started burning through the clouds and we enjoyed perfect weather as we strolled through Laguna Beach before heading back to Webb.

Nicolette and Alex in perfect unison

Callie and Abigail

Mr. Potash, Abigail, Callie, Bailey, Elena, Nicolette, Alex, and Jon

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  1. Brett,
    Thanks for sending the pics. Now I REALLY want to come back and visit!!