Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hiking Mt. Baldy

On Saturday, nine Webbies took their first intrepid steps toward joining the 10,000 Foot Club. With fearless leaders Mr. Dahlstrom and Ms. Turville, we gained several thousand feet of altitude, reaching the top snockered but happy. Climbing by way of the Sierra Club Hut, we saw four bighorn sheep, then crossed the Baldy Bowl, hiked to the ridge, and endured one final set of switchbacks to the peak. From the top, we spotted Gorgonio and San Jacinto, the two other peaks needed to join the 10,000 Foot Club. A walk down along the Devil's Backbone and then the ski lift to the parking area ended the 8-hour journey. Congratulations to Tina, Rita, Alanna, Will, Terence, and Ray for taking the challenge!

Will in the background and Tina in the foreground make their way to the Sierra Club Hut.

Alanna, Tina, and Rita on the Baldy Bowl Trail

Terence, Mr. Dahlstrom, Alanna, Ray, Will, Ms. Turville (back row); Rita, Tina (front row) in front of the Baldy Bowl

Double click to see Terence, Ray, and Will in the panorama.

Tired at the top!

Proof that these hikers have taken the first steps toward joining the 10,000 Foot Club!

The view toward the valley on the way down

The trail stretches out in the background on the way to the ski lift.

Rounding the turn to the Devil's Backbone.

And here's the backbone, the final stretch of the 8-hour hike.

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