Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hiking Idyllwild

Six Webbies set out on a peaceful hike through the pines of Idyllwild on Saturday, covering 3.3 miles to Suicide Rock, a spectacular lookout over the valley below. After spending some time rock-hopping and eating lunch in front of Taquitz Peak, the group headed back down the trail. An unexpected rain storm cooled us off and clean us up, as we reached the van soaking wet but smiling.

Marja, Mr. Potash, Ali, Ms. Fisher, Ms. Mackenzie, and Terence at Suicide Rock, with Taquitz Peak in the background

Terence and Ali explore the various rock outcroppings at the overlook.

Between heaven and earth...

This picture was taken at exactly the same time as the picture before it, from a different angle.

Tree hugger!

The rain on the way down brought out the color in this manzanita, a tree Marja named the Bleeding Glue tree.

Soaking wet but undeterred. As soon as we got in the van, Terence asked, "When's the next hike?"

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  1. The "Between Heaven & Earth" looks like "Heaven on Earth". Also the kids look like they're having fun!