Monday, October 18, 2010

Mountain Biking in Big Bear

"I did 100 things today I never thought I could do." -- Lauren Herndon

While it was drizzling all day in the valley, thirteen Webbies headed above the clouds to Big Bear under the expertise of Ms. Kapp and Mr. Ball for a day of downhill mountain biking. After purchasing lift tickets, we headed up the mountain for a scenic ride across the ridge on a fire road, culminating in a trip up to a rock overlook. Then we found the single track down, and the fun began. Scrapes, scratches, boulders, slaloms, mud, a flat tire, a broken chain -- we had it all. Including fun.
We could see the clouds that were drizzling on Webb as we happily drove into the sun.

Morgan leads the crew on a side trail to a scenic overlook.

Marcos, Terence, and Sam

Rita enjoys a view to Big Bear Lake on the way down.

Marcos puts the mountain in mountain biking.

Ms. Kapp fixes a tube in no time flat. (HA!)

Marcos came to the rescue with his spare tube, and Ryan and Brian finish the job.

Ryan enjoyed getting a little muddy on the way down.

Terence had a fight with the ground. The ground won Round 1, but Terence came back for more.

Ali and Lauren


Brian and Sachi

Over and over again, Brian would shout, "Too much rock for just one hand!" Mr. Potash begged to differ.

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