Sunday, January 16, 2011

Skiing/Snowboarding at Mountain High

A repeat performance of last weekend's trip was in order as the base layer of snow was still deep, and many students wanted an encore. Sunny skies and 50-degree temperatures greeted us at Mt. High, where we scattered in different directions to take advantage of the resort's three groomed areas, countless trails for all levels, and even trick parks. We were lucky to run into a freestyle jump competition, which we heard was a qualifier for nationals. There were skiers doing back flips and 360-degree twists and all kinds of other fancy jumps with crazy names that I don't remember. There was some skill among us as well, as Jack and Nick attacked the Olympic bowl several times, a near vertical incline that looked more like a cliff than a ski slope. Several of our skiers also enjoyed the numerous rails placed around the park, caroming off them with vigor. As for me, I stayed in the beginner areas, venturing out every now and then for a few photos and a strained abdomen.

Neville, Tommy, Ryan, Claire, Daniel, Adrian, Brandon, Lichi, Harrison, Nick, Jack, and Ms. Fisher enjoyed the picture-perfect day.

Tommy could show the pros a few things.

Harrison flashed moments of brilliance. And then he landed.

Adrian, Daniel, and Ryan, right after being asked, "Which way to the lift?"

Jack nailed this rail.

Nick lands a jump backwards. If I tried this, I'd be covered in snow and then air-lifted.

Ms. Fisher launches. If I had snapped this shot a split second later, you'd have seen her 15 feet in the air. Bad timing.

Neville introduces me to the slopes at the West resort.

Claire followed Neville, and only occasionally had to scoop him off the ground.

Lichi knows a few tricks.

Brandon, faster than the speed of light...

Daniel catches some air...I won't share the picture of the landing.

Ryan and Adrian in the background.

Harrison sacrifices life and limb for the sake of a good photo.

Jack crosses over in another of his endless tricks.

Nick catches the rail...he never seemed to be facing forward but was always in complete control.

Adrian was completely comfortable on the board by the end of the day.

The Catalina Run, at the top of the East resort, offers views to the island on a clear day, and to these mountains in the background. A spectacular backdrop for skiing for me, Adrian, Ryan, and Daniel.

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