Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trail Stewardship in the San Gabriels

A group of eleven represented Webb with vigor on Saturday, as we accompanied the San Gorgonio trail builders on a service trip in the San Bernardino hills. The main goal was to restore trail conditions after a spate of holiday storms. This consisted mostly of clearing rock falls and widening trail. The average trail will lose about six inches of width per year, mostly to erosion and growth of vegetation. As we hiked, we identified problem areas and worked on urgent ones, and then took care of the rest on our way out. It was a four-mile hike, with lots of stopping for work. As much as we use the abundant trails in this area, it was nice to finally give back.

Jake, Terence, Shaun, Kate, Laura, Marja, Mr. Caldwell, and Ryan in front of Smith Mountain Saddle. We were moving toward the saddle for most of the day.

Kate, Marja, and Shaun filled in water troughs and then created run-offs to prevent future erosion.

Jake and Terence

A well-deserved lunch break

Marja sports a new hairdo.

Ryan stamps down a piece of trail he had just leveled out.

Marja and Shaun clear the trail of this recent rock fall.

Laura and Mr. Caldwell rake debris from this bend.

Celebrating a successful day of service

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