Monday, February 7, 2011

Skiing/Snowboarding at Mammoth

Webb's annual trip to Mammoth was greeted by almost perfect conditions, having received a fresh layer of snow shortly before arrival, and clear, warm weather while skiing. This is the third year in a row that Ms. Bauman has taken students on a weekend trip, so many thanks for her organization and enthusiasm. Some of her fondest memories from this year's trip:

1. Summer and Emily getting up at 6:00 am to make breakfast for everyone two days in a row (cinnamon rolls and bacon on Day 1, pancakes and sausage on Day 2).

2. When more advanced skiers helped others, waiting for them on the slopes, teaching them new skills, cheering on improvements, and (of course) laughing at mistakes.

3. Harrison eating Kix while sleeping on the van ride home.

4. Lindsey's comment on the last day of the trip: "The best part of the trip every year is getting to know new people. It's better than going with all your friends because you make new ones."

5. Terence and Daniel helping Rachel on the last day.

Mr. Nichols, Ms. Fisher, Mairin, Juliana, Roxy, Nick, Summer, Joe, Lindsey, Brandon, Louis, Emily, Harrison, Jack, Allen, Daniel, Ms. Stewart, Kyle, and Ms. Bauman before the trip. Not pictured: Terence, Rachel, Dalton, Maizie and Ms. Bartlett.

Kyle (who calls himself "Princess Diana" on the slopes), Daniel, Ms. Bartlett, and Maizie.

Mr. Nichols and Ms. Fisher brave the 60 mph winds on Mammoth.

Lindsey and Mairin.

It's not the Webb Gaul, but...

Mairin, Daniel, Dalton, Allen, and Juliana

Ms. Fisher, Lindsey, Joe, Brandon, and Mr. Nichols in Nick's goggles.

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