Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hiking Mt. Baldy

A total of 14 Webb students took their first steps toward the 10,000 Foot Club on Saturday, hiking to the peak of Mt. Baldy and then down the Devil's Backbone. A mere 20 minutes from campus, Baldy is the perfect way to start the hiking season at Webb. With support from each other and a few distracting puzzles ("I like coffee but I don't like tea"), we all made it to the top for the spectacular views into the valley below. We left campus in a misty drizzle and reached the peak in glorious 70 degree temperatures and sunny skies, with the clouds floating below. The hikers maintained a great attitude throughout, and are more than ready for the next challenge in the 10,000 Foot Club.

Before even reaching the Baldy Bowl trail, we took a little detour to the waterfall on the fire road.

Juliana, Mairin, Alan, and Jack power up the steep inclines out of Manker Flats.

Vicente, David, Anthony and Kyle near the Sierra Club hut.

A short break on the steep climb up to the final ridge.

The group zig-zags toward the top of the Baldy Bowl.

We reached a vast overlook about 30 minutes from the peak.

David, Brandon, Mr. Owers, Vicente, Kyle, Bob, Anthony, Terence, Allen, Jack, Mairin, Juliana, Rachel, Ryan, and Alan (l to r) at the 10,064 foot peak.

Starting our descent

Rachel pauses for a photo op

Kyle making his way down the scree in his Ralph Lauren boots. Seriously.

It's not as dangerous as it looks (see below).

Ryan takes one last moment for reflection before finishing the hike.

Mr. Owers with the Baldy Bowl behind him

On the Devil's Backbone, a thin ridge that drops off steeply in both directions

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