Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hiking San Jacinto

The 10,000 Foot Club is off to a rollicking start this year, with two peaks already completed! Twelve Webbies climbed to the top of San Jacinto (10,834') this weekend, gaining great views to the valley below, and taking advantage of 70-degree temperatures and gorgeous skies. So far this year, 26 people have made it to over 10,000 feet. That's more than all of last year combined! Special thanks to Ryan, one of Webb's photographer-extraordinaires, for these photos.

Bob, Devin, Ms. Schnupp, David, Sidney, Tina, Susan, Alan, Terence, Ali, and Mr. Harris still below tree line

Ali, once the crew made it above tree line.

Into Thin Air

Once you get to 10,834, sometimes you just need to rest.

The official NFS marker showing San Jacinto's height.

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