Monday, October 24, 2011

Mountain Biking at Big Bear

Mountain biking is one thing. Taking a lift to the top of the mountain and then endlessly flying down, so that your arms rattle and your fingers hurt from squeezing your breaks so hard -- that's another. Two vanloads full of Webb students and bikes made the trip to Big Bear on Sunday for a day of adrenaline-filled descents. We also got to soak up some fall colors, as the trees have started changing at elevation. If you can judge the amount of fun had by the number of minor injuries accrued, consider it a blast.

Top row: Ryan, Claire, Devin. Bottom: Stir, Adam, Cole, Johnathan, Jake, Sidney, Ms. Kapp, Terence.

Ryan tests his mettle early in the day.

Adam and Cole power by stunning views to neighboring ridges.

Stir, Johnathan and Jake snake through the ridge trail.

Expert rider and mechanic Ms. Kapp fixes a broken chain...

...while Ryan enjoys the view...

...and everyone else sees how many people can stand on one rock.

Adam and Claire about to enter the single-track Plantation Trail.

Sidney makes waves. Or ripples, at least.

This tree was so magnificent, I made everyone pose by it. Needless to say, they were thrilled with my efforts to stop their ride.

Terence and Devin navigate a muddy section of trail.

Claire doesn't seem to care what the trail is like -- she just keeps going and going and going...

This is Stirling catching some serious air. Sorry about the picture quality -- it's a still shot from a movie we took with his helmet cam.

Sidney, Devin, Adam, Johnathan, and Ryan show off the results of their fight with the mountain. Though they battled bravely, the mountain typically wins these sorts of encounters.

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