Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rock Climbing at New Jack City

While two van loads of students headed to the slopes this weekend (see below), two more headed for the desert, taking advantage of Webb's ideal location. Look out for a snorkeling trip to cap the trifecta! Many in this group have been introduced to rock climbing through our Outdoor afternoon activity, and took their indoor gym expertise to New Jack City on Sunday. Ms. Schnupp's and Mr. Harris's passion and guidance make it a safe way for Webb students to take risks, feel a rush, and take a break from their hard work. Thanks to Ms. Schnupp for the pictures.

Ryan belaying Carola

Carola knows that leaning back into your belay is all about trust.

Jeanette belays Andi with the support of Mr. Harris.

Julia and Shannon

Dolly on belay


Mr. Harris helps Allen on belay (left) while Jeanette belays Ryan.

Carola, Julia, Alvin, Ryan, and Dolly watching the last climb of the day.

Leaving the rocks behind for another day...

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