Sunday, February 26, 2012

Unbounded Bike Trip, Day 1

Webb's inaugural Unbounded Days started with a splash (literally!) today as a group of cyclists capped a 30-mile morning ride with an afternoon sea-kayaking adventure. Though air and water temps were in the 50s, the whole crew had a great time throughout the day, bravely tackling steep hills and raucous waves. The ride wound along 15 miles of coastline, bluffs, flowering vegetation, pastures, cows, herons, and elephant seals to Ragged Point, where we turned around and came back. After lunch with the seals, we took a break and then went kayaking. Getting through the persistent sets of waves into calm water proved to be the most challenging part, and everyone got wet. A few of us even got completely turned over in dramatic, churning crashes, though I won't mention any names. The highlight was a cave we had to enter with perfect timing so the tide would carry us over a rock at the entry way. Once everyone was borderline hypothermic, we headed for shore, whereupon our guide said, "80% of people turn over if they try to go in alone. Who wants me to guide you in?" Not a soul raised their hand. With the exception of Tommy, we lived up (or is it down?) to the statistics. Video of the train wreck to come. I can't imagine having that much fun and feeling that fulfilled while being that cold. Day one: A+.




One word describes Marley: moxie

The group at Ragged Point, our turn-around spot

Allen at the top of the climb out of Ragged Point




We stopped at a seal preserve for lunch, where hundreds of elephant seals gather along the coast in the winter to breed. These pups are the result.

One of the bulls is in the lower right, hogging the good spot. The bulls weigh between 3000 and 5000 pounds.

The trail that wound through the elephant seal preserve was loaded with flowering vegetation. It's the perfect time of year to be here.




The group getting ready to get soaked.

Henry and Sidney

Natalee, Marley, Davis

Allen and Abhi enter the cave.

Natalee and Marley emerge from the cave.

Tommy, Steve, and Zach head to shore. Of the three of them, only one will not be soaked when he gets out.

Sunset from our hotel

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