Friday, May 4, 2012

Hiking Mt. Baldy

On our most recent 10,000 foot hike, we thought we'd have snow.  But an unusually warm week led to a quick melt, leaving just patches.  Not to worry -- we still managed to squeeze every ounce of fun out of the hike.  Early on, we talked about "Leave no Trace" trail ethics, and the importance of picking up trash.  About a half mile into the hike, Mr. Dahlstrom found a trash can lid, which he promptly lashed to his pack, winning the award for most ambitious trash picker upper.  Of course, he had plans for that lid, and it turned into a perfect sled once we reached higher elevations.  All the students reached the top in good shape, with Sidney even running the last bit.  Though it reached the 90s down in the valley, we had a cool, comfortable 65 at the top.  A perfect hike.

 Terence and Dolly around halfway up, near the Sierra Club Hut.

 John leads us up the last steep climb.

 This lookout, about a half hour from the peak, overlooks the Baldy Bowl.

 Sidney, Dolly, Terence, John, Mr. Dahlstrom, and Ray at the peak.

 John on the "sled."

 Mr. Dahlstrom on a nice sledding slope.

 Crossing the Devil's Backbone

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