Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sea Kayaking at Laguna Beach

We took advantage of the heat this past weekend to head for Laguna Beach and some sea kayaking in the cool water.  When we first arrived, we dipped our toes in and vowed not to swim in the frigid water.  But once we got our blood pumping with some paddling, a few of us jumped in the crystal clear water.  The water has benefited in recent years from sea kelp that was originally planted by a teacher.  It has flourished, and in the process, helped to cleanse the water of pollutants.  Kelp is the second fastest growing plant on earth, behind bamboo, and can grow up to two feet per day.  We spent some time visiting the ecosystem created by this kelp, catching a glimpse of shrimp, crabs, snails, and garibaldi.  We also visited the sea lions and cormorants at their usual hangout, and then spent the afternoon replenishing ourselves at BJs. 

Jessie and Melissa

Anni and Ian

Mr. Caldwell and his two daughters

Our whole group by sea lion rock.  You can see the kelp around us.

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