Saturday, June 9, 2012

VWS Senior Trip to Yosemite

The VWS Senior Trip was a tremendous success this year.  After the traditional white-water rafting trip, the girls headed to Yosemite Park and Half Dome, where a record 31 girls reached the very top in a one-day hike.  It was the perfect culmination of four years of hard work and accomplishment at Webb.  Special thanks once again to Rita for these pictures.  To all the girls -- we'll miss you and your many talents!

 Marley leads the girls up the Mist Trail.

 At the bottom of the cables, which now require a permit to climb

 In the distance, you can see the cables stretching up to the top of Half Dome.  A line of people dots the trail, giving some perspective for how steep it is.

 Diana, Momoha, Ms. Schnupp, Lisa, and Jennie at the top.

 Ally and Rita

The whole group of girls who made it to the very top of Half Dome.  Congratulations Class of 2012!

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