Sunday, August 26, 2012

Canyoneering at Ontario Falls

This year's freshmen retreat challenged the boys to overcome their fears and trust other students as they rappelled down a series of waterfalls at Mt. Baldy.  Most students agreed that it was simultaneously one of the scariest and most thrilling things they'd ever done.  The first rappel was dry, and led to the head of a 90-foot drop.  Thirty feet into the second rappel, the boys met the water and were pummeled under the cold falls as they dropped breathlessly underneath it.  The third rappel was short but more technical in nature and required sure footing.  The final rappel was eighty feet and involved navigating the confluence of two divergent falls.  Almost every boy on the retreat completed the rappel, a sure sign that this class is destined for success.

Bobby belays Dylan


Cameron entering the waterfall and then coming out the other side.

Dylan was the first freshman down -- a gift his classmates gave him for his birthday.  Here he descends the second 90-foot rappel through the waterfall.

Daniel on belay.


Nik on the final rappel, between two waterfalls.

This is a shot of all three waterfalls that the freshmen rappelled.  The people at the bottom give you a sense of scale.

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