Monday, August 27, 2012

Paddle Boarding and Sea Kayaking at Laguna Beach

The first outdoor trip of the year met with warm, calm, clear waters at Laguna Beach on Sunday.  Water temps were 72 when we set out, encountering little resistance from wind or waves.  Though both picked up over the course of the two-hour outing, they didn't hamper the superb visibility, which allowed us to see garibaldi floating by eight or nine feet under water.  We passed by seal rock, explored a kelp field, and then headed into town for some grub at BJs. 

 Mairin, the only experienced paddle-boarder among us, easily navigated the calm waters.

 Juliana quickly found her sea legs.

 Julia and Justin led us in their sea kayak.

 Dolly in front of some of the multi-million dollar homes of Laguna Beach

 Seal Rock, which we heard and smelled long before seeing the seals, cormorants, and pelicans on it

 Mairin's first attempt to do a head stand.

 If at first...

Webb's inaugural paddle boarding trip was a resounding success.

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