Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mountain Biking in Big Bear

The annual mountain biking trip to Big Bear is always popular -- so popular that this year we moved it earlier in the season in the hopes of getting two trips in before the snow falls.  The trip attracts a wide range of skill levels, from beginning bikers to more experienced cyclists capable of tricks.  We split up into two groups when we arrived, and spent the day hurtling down the mountain only to ride the ski lift back up for another run.  Though pretty much everyone wiped out at some point (Vicente looked like a coal miner covered in soot after crashing into a patch of dark sand), we kept getting back up for more.  A true testament to the grit (and grime) of Webb students.  

 Vicente shows off.

 Claire on what would become a particularly steep course that had me walking my bike.  She stayed on.

 James on one of the well-groomed trails

 Terence -- what goes up...

Devin on the ridge

 Stir catches a lift



Rachel and Christie at the school van.  This particular location is nice because you can stop at the van between runs and get some lunch. 


One many of the trails, there are options to the side that make life a little more interesting.  Stir almost always took them.


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