Friday, September 14, 2012

Snorkeling at Laguna Beach

If you could go snorkeling with anyone in the world, you should go snorkeling with Mr. Lawrence.  There aren't many people out there with a combined knowledge of undersea life, courage to dive down and find it, and ability to actually catch it.  On a one-hour snorkeling trip this past weekend, Mr. Lawrence found a sea urchin, several endangered abilones, and caught a lobster and a shark (again!).  We also saw wrasses, leopard sharks, and garibaldis, the state fish of California.  Quite an adventure!
 Danny with a sea urchin

 Anni with an abilone
 Mr. Lawrence shows off the lobster he caught (click to enlarge).


 A garibaldi

 Ian uses a strand of kelp to dive down and find an abilone.

 Anni with the horned shark -- it has a sharp "horn" sticking out of its dorsal fin.


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