Monday, June 3, 2013

WSC Senior Trip to the Grand Canyon

On May 28, the senior class of 2013 took their annual trip to the Grand Canyon to celebrate the culmination of their senior year.  Though they would all walk across the stage a few days later, this walk proved to be one of the most challenging and fulfilling accomplishments in their time at Webb.  Those doing the rim to river route started at the South Kaibab trail, descended to the river, and then came up the Bright Angel Trail.  Those going to Bright Angel Point traveled the Bright Angel trail. 

 Landen at the South Kaibab trailhead just before sunrise

 The rim to river crew gathered before starting their descent.

 The boys descend on a trail at the bottom. Throughout the hike, views to the Canyon let the boys know exactly how far they had to go...just to get down.

 Seniors gathered at the first major overlook, above and below (Chason, Daniel, Mason, Harry).

 Masterful trailwork wends its way all the way down the canyon, here leading to the first rest hut on the right of the picture.

  Zigzags lead Tim, Daniel, Harry, Kabir, Kevin, Kainan, Mason and Jordan downward.

 Terence, Kevin, Jack and Toshi take a break at an overlook.

 Kevin and Terence -- click any photo to enlarge.

 Mr. Harris serves the patient role of sweeper, making sure no one gets left behind.

 The colors of the canyon speak to the ages of natural forces that have created it.

 For a sense of scale, take a look at the Webb boys standing on the trail in the lower left of the picture.

 Daniel and Kabir take advantage of the tying posts for mules and horses.

 Our first glimpse of the river

 The trail stretches out as the boys wait for mules to pass by (below).

 Fady leads a crew down to the first bridge crossing (upper right corner).

 As the trail descends, its color reveals different ages of erosion.

 Kainan, Davis, David, and Chason at the first bridge

 And after several long hours, the boys finally start climbing.  Mason leads over a stream that empties into the Colorado (above).

 Davis and Mason pause for one last photo together before Mason decided to start running (!) to the top.

 Right in the middle of the picture you can see the trail to Bright Angel Point, which extends from Indian Garden.

 Cole, Aman, and Jon pause for a rest on the way up.

 Raffi near the rim

This shot shows most of the rim to river route.  You can see the trail crossing the small plateau to the right, where it drops over the butte and further descends to the river, which you can see a little snatch of on the left of the picture.  The trail then shows itself again just below the river, climbs the narrow canyon at the bottom, ascends to Indian Garden and then zigzags the last 4.5 grueling miles to the top.

 Albert's rendering of our campsite

The next morning, the whole class gathered for a photo at Mather Point.
Congratulations WSC Class of 2013!

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