Thursday, June 6, 2013

VWS Senior Trip to Half Dome

This year's VWS Senior Trip to Half Dome was an overwhelming success, notwithstanding the two broken down buses.  The group came together as a class in many ways, not least of which was everyone making it to the saddle before the cables.  Once there, they called the school and sang an emotional rendering of Daughter's Strong.  Twenty-one students and three faculty continued up the cables.  Thanks so much to Lianne for these great photos.

 A pre-sunrise start time allows the seniors to get all the way to the top and back down in one day.

 Carly in the meadows of Yosemite

 At the trailhead.

 Mallory -- just waking up

 Best photo of Chiara ever.


Approaching the cables

 And the whole group on the peak of Half Dome

 Guess who?

 Nadine and Miya

 Michelle and Mallory



 Ms. Stewart, Ms. Lawrence, and Ms. Blomberg

 Descending the cables...and not forgetting to enjoy themselves along the way.

Congratulations VWS Class of 2013!

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