Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Honor Committee on Mt. Baldy

To kick off the 2013-14 school year, the WSC Honor Committee conducted the first part of their orientation retreat on the peak of Mt. Baldy -- the perfect place to set lofty goals and plan an ambitious year.  After a strenuous hike, we set up camp just below the peak, talked leadership styles, and discussed the educational role of the HC at Webb.  Right before sunset, we all settled in for some quiet reflective time, and then crawled into our sleeping bags and turned our gazes skyward, catching a spectacular show from the Perseid meteor shower.  This group of young men came together both physically and mentally as they set a course to challenge themselves.  Special thanks to Dr. Farke, the HC Advisor, for his leadership on the trip.

 Dr. Farke, James, Joe, Daniel, Ziyad, and Anthony on the way up.

 James looks out over the Baldy Bowl.

 Daniel near our campsite

 Mt. Baldy -- 10,064'

 The 2013-14 WSC Honor Committee

 Joe at sunset

 After camping under the shooting stars, the groups heads back into the valley the next morning.

 On our way down, we were fortunate to have a close encounter with a fearless ram, which the group quickly decided would be its mascot this year.

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