Monday, May 12, 2014

San Gorgonio (Day 2: To the Peak and Back)

After a somewhat restful and somewhat restive night listening to the wind, we awoke early and commenced our climb to the peak.  To join the 10,000 Foot Club, students must hike all three area peaks over 10,000 Feet: Baldy, Jacinto, and Gorgonio.  On this particular trip, six students joined the club! 

David, Devin and Susan moving toward the ridge.

A nice spot for a rest, with a view back over our route.
Lauren is particularly excited to reach the ridgeline.  She did an excellent job leading the group for most of the hike -- the perfect pacesetter.  Shortly after passing this sign, we crossed through a narrow saddle and onto the exposed part of the ridge.  This is where winds hit 80 mph, and all of us struggled to make it to the very top.  Because we were battling the wind, a section that typically takes about three minutes to walk took us about fifteen. 

But we made it! San Gorgonio -- 11,503'

Members of the 10,000 Foot Club.  Front row: David, Dolly, me, Lauren, Mr. Owers. Back row: Susan, Bulat, Devin, Johnathan.  David actually joined the 20,000 Foot Club on this hike, having done every peak twice! Right after taking the picture above, the wind knocked the top row over (below).

 We may have been away on Mother's Day, but we didn't forget.  Thanks to Dolly for creating and carrying this sign!

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