Friday, May 30, 2014

WSC Senior Trip to the Grand Canyon

For their senior trip, the WSC Class of 2014 hiked from the rim of the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River and back.  The class typically starts before sunrise to avoid being at the bottom during the hottest part of the day.  This year, temperatures were over 100 degrees in the canyon.  Thanks to Daniel, Alex, and Erik for the pictures below.  Click to enlarge any of these photos. 

WSC Class of 2014

The start of the hike at sunrise

Erik about to take flight

The descent

 Erik, John and Evan

John, Skyler and Spencer on the Colorado River

Daniel, Bulat, Mr. Caldwell, James and Devin

Class Advisors: Mr. Walker, Mr. Shin, Dr. Fitzgerald, Mr. Wishek, Mr. Maffris, Mr. Fidani

     From the south rim

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