Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grand Canyon, Part II: To the River

The second post on the Grand Canyon witnesses the senior boys wending their way down to the Colorado River, a nearly 5,000 foot descent that took the better part of three hours. Along the way, I heard exclamations of wonder from even the most stoic boys. Branden let loose with a rolling, awe-filled, "This is beau-tiful." When I told him I'd never heard him sound so appreciative, he claimed it must be because it was so early in the morning and his guard wasn't up. Kevin simply muttered, "Wowwww" repeatedly. Considering that teenage boys spend considerable energy trying not to seem impressed, these were rewarding moments.

A few boys on the left move toward the butte on the right. The zig-zags on the far right appear larger in a picture below.

Vinson and Jason pause to soak in the grandeur.

These zig-zags were just part of the elaborate trail system designed to drop nearly 5,000 feet in 7 miles. Enlarge the picture and you'll see two boys in the middle of it.

Moonset over the South Rim

Double click to enlarge the panorama.

Finally, a glimpse of the river below. A river raft glides under the bridge we would later cross, a reminder of our rafting trip the day before to Lee's Ferry.

Robert, Kevin, Adam, Everett, and Peter engage in some blister prevention by soaking hot spots in the 47-degree Colorado.

Brian and Phil.

We even saw a rainbow...kind of.

Bailey leads us along the bottom of the canyon, wearing an outfit that's no stranger to being in front.

Shihan and Will lead the way over a stream crossing just after turning up-canyon.

More to come...stay tuned.

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