Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stargazing at Joshua Tree

All year, Vinson and Jason have been bugging us about taking a trip to Joshua Tree. They've plotted the phases of the moon, and determined the precise weekends that would allow maximum stargazing with minimum ambient light. Thanks to Mr. Maffris, their devoted calculations paid off last weekend with a Friday overnight trip into the desert. That, combined with Ryan's experiments in photography, yielded a spectacular vicarious camping trip for the rest of us. Enjoy these shots, and be sure to thank Mr. Maffris and Ryan for sharing them with us.

Vinson, Ryan, and Jason with the park's namesake. In the background (and below), you can see Gorgonio looming.

Abundant rainfall this winter allowed spring ponds to form.

These blooming cacti took full advantage.

As did the wildflowers in the park.

The sun descends on a busy Webb week. Somehow, watching it from the desert seems to put all that stress in perspective.

Ryan's experiments with nighttime photography yielded some incredible shots, above and below.

Vinson, Ryan, Jason, and Mr. Maffris

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  1. Hi, may I please know where in the part did you guys stay for stargazing?

    Thank you very much in advance.