Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hiking Mt. Baldy

This weekend's outdoor offerings included a practice hike for seniors, as they prepare for their Senior Trip to the Grand Canyon. Though a van load SIGNED up, only the boarding students SHOWED up, leading to a small group (OK, so Mother's Day is a valid excuse, but still...). In any case, it ended up being another fantastic outing to Baldy, as we got above the clouds and were able to watch the rainy drama unfold in the valley from a safe distance. Until we started our descent, at which point the clouds started rising and periodically enveloped us in mist and wind. But before that, we were able to enjoy some luxurious moments tucked behind one of the wind shelters at the peak, soaking up the sun. We finally made it across Devil's Backbone for a chilly ride down on the chairlift.

We were happy to get above the clouds as we began our hike.

Click on this panorama to enlarge it.

Ray, Brian, and Lance enjoy a few moments looking out on the Baldy Bowl.

In the distance, you can see Gorgonio peeking above the cumulous layer.

Approaching the peak

And taking a few moments to enjoy the peak, even in 50 mph winds.

West Baldy cast an appealing counterpoint to our perch.

Ray and Mr. Dahlstrom on the way down, as the mists started rolling in.

As mists and clouds swirled about us, we had no trouble understanding why these two trees grew a bit sideways.

And then the mists cleared again

One final shot on the Backbone, as the weather came to stay. Good timing.

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