Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WSC Senior Trip to the Grand Canyon

This year's WSC senior trip to the Grand Canyon was spectacular, with the added bonus of perfect weather for the trip down to the river. When we started at around 5:00 am, it was somewhere in the 40s, but warmed up into the 80s during the day, a far cry from the 100+ temperatures we've seen in years past. Add to that an early morning cloud layer that made for a dramatic sunrise, and then a shifting light show through the canyon as those clouds dispersed, and you couldn't have asked for better conditions. Below you'll find just the first set of pictures from the trip. There are many more to come, so stay tuned.

The group of thirty seniors and five faculty who would successfully hike down to the river and back to the rim

The boys snake their way down switchbacks in the dawn's first light.

An early promontory (above and below), providing one of the first views of the whole expanse of the canyon

Sunrise burst through morning clouds in the east.

Jason and Vinson

The south rim from afar

You can see a line of Webb students in the lower left corner (click to enlarge), moving slowly toward the rock jutting up on the right.

Clouds began to clear as the morning wore on, opening the way for light shows across the canyon.

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